Un aperçu des scénarios de World of Warcraft: Legion

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Parmi les éléments dataminés de la Beta de Legion, nous pouvons retrouver divers scénarios prenant place aux îles brisés et à travers Azeroth pour la confection de votre artefact.

Attention, les informations ci-dessous contiennent des spoilers.

The Legend of The Ashbringer
  • Sounding the Charge - Lead the paladins of the Argent Crusade into battle.
  • Crusaders' March - Destroy the demon army.
  • Holy Vengeance - Destroy Jailer Zerus and save Highlord Tirion Fordring.
  • The Ashbringer - Find the Ashbringer within the Lost Temple.
  • Balnazzar the Risen - Defeat Balnazzar.
  • The Fate of the Highlord - Return to Tirion Fordring.

Legion Invasion
  • Felfire in the Sky #1 - Drive back the fel invaders. #1
  • Felfire in the Sky #2 - Drive back the fel invaders. #2
  • Impending Doom #1 - Destroy the Dimensional Anchors. #1
  • Impending Doom #2 - Destroy the Dimensional Anchors. #2
  • You Face Jaraxxus - Defeat Lord Jaraxxus.

Unknown Name - Maybe Broken Shore scenario?
  • The Broken Shore - Travel to the Broken Shore.
  • Storm The Beach - Destroy all demons and structures on the beach.
  • Find Varian - Locate King Varian Wrynn.
  • Destroy the Portal - Destroy the demon portal to stop reinforcements.
  • Raze the Black City - Assault the demon city.
  • Tirion - Get to Tirion.
  • Krosus - Kill Krosus.
  • Confront Gul'dan - Stop Gul'dan from summoning the Legion.

Tides of Glory
  • Wait For Players - Dispel the naga scouting party.
  • Tides of Glory - Speak with Senegos.
  • The Tidestone's Call - Protect the Tidestone from the naga.
  • Slay Majh'Tua - Slay Majh'Tua.
  • Feeding on the Tidestone - Slay the nightfallen that are feeding on the Tidestone.
  • The Hunger - Protect the Tidestone from the withered.
  • As Two-Faced As They Come - Slay Runas the Shamed.

Unknown Name
  • Restoring Natural Order - Close the Nether Portals.
  • Temple Reliquary - Protect the Ancient Relic.
  • Lord of the Pit - Defeat Iroxus, Lord of the Pit
  • Legion Invasion: Tanaris Assault
  • Repel the Assault - Kill demons and destroy their stuff!
  • Destroy the Demon Citadels - Destroy the Citadels tethering Sargeras to Azeroth!
  • Kill Invasion Commander Sindrox - Kill Invasion Commander Sindrox

The Maw of Nashal
  • The Windrunner - Report to Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.
  • The Eternity - Ride with Nathanos to the Eternity and use a Forsaken Catapult to shoot down Skyfire Gryphon Riders.
  • The Blightcaller - Ride with Nathanos to the Blightcaller and slay incoming 7th Legion forces.
  • The Black Rose - Ride with Nathanos to the Black Rose and rid the ship of worgen.
  • Boarding the Skyfire - Ride with Nathanos to the Skyfire and assault the gunship by placing Volatile Flares and slaying Alliance crew.
  • Queen Takes King - Battle Genn Greymane on the deck of the Skyfire.

Unknown Name
  • An Endless Tide - Defeat the Demon Invaders.
  • Spire of Corruption - Find a way to enter the Spire of Corruption.
  • The Rune of Anchoring - Shatter the Rune of Anchoring.

Unknown Name
  • Prepare for Battle - Man the Deck Guns
  • Fire at Will! - Use the Deck Guns to shoot down Forsaken Dreadwings
  • Into the Maw - Head below decks and use a Skyfire Parachute to board the Forsaken ships and defeat their captains.
  • Bats in the Bomb Bay - Slay Forsaken boarding parties and remove Volatile Flares from Skyfire bomb bay.
  • Last Stand - Defeat Nathanos Blightcaller on the deck of the Skyfire.

Legion Invasion: Azsuna
  • Pushing Them Back - Quell the Infernal Uprising on Kirin Tor Shore.
  • Suppressing the Source - Close the Demon Portals.
  • Defend the Outpost - Defend the research station from the Fel Lord.

Temple of Elune
Wetlands Invasion
  • Push Back the Legion Assault - Legion Activities Disrupted

Westfall Invasion
  • Push Back the Legion Assault - Legion Activities Disrupted
  • Kill Lord Jaraxxus - Lord Jaraxxus defeated

The Twinblades of the Deceiver
  • Stalking Your Prey - Fly into Felsoul Hold.
  • They Are Not Prepared - Dive into the fray.
  • Wrath of the Illidari - Destroy the wards protecting Varedis' personal sanctum.
  • The Twinblades of the Deceiver - Kill Varedis Felsoul and obtain the Twinblades of the Deceiver.

The Blade of the Fallen Prince
  • The Call of the North - The Lich King awaits your return to the citadel.
  • The Gates Are Open - Enter Icecrown Citadel.
  • Seek the Fragments - Collect Fragments within Icecrown Citadel.
  • Travel to the Frozen Throne - Use the Scourge Teleporter within the Spire.
  • Power Overwhelming - Reforge the fragments and form your weapon.
  • The Purge - Purge the blades of the malevolent souls within.
  • The Hungering Cold - The Blades are purged of the corruption. Claim them as your own.
  • Death's March - Obtain the Lich King's Blessing.

Northern Barrens Invasion
  • Push Back the Legion Assault - Disrupt the Legion Invasion
  • Kill Lord Jaraxxus - Lord Jaraxxus defeated

Test Faction Criteria
Legacy of the Icebreaker
  • The Sealed Tomb - Find Magnar's Tomb with Hruthnir.
  • The Disturbance - Defeat the Legion forces.
  • Crypt Crawl - Find Magnar's resting place within the tomb.
  • The Confrontation - Defend Hruthnir from Magnar's forces.
  • The Greatest Warrior - Defeat Magnar Icebreaker.
  • Armaments of the Black Wyrm - The sword and shield are yours, claim them.

Neltharion's Lair
  • Neltharion's Lair - Defeat Dargrul's legions and recover the Hammer of Khaz'goroth before Highmountain is destroyed.

Fangs of the Felhound
  • Safe Entrance - You made it through the Portal
  • Obtain the Bait - Steal food from the three storage locations and three Wyrmtogue Meatholders in the city below.
  • Place the Bait - Head out to the back and place the bait.

Slay the Hound -
  • Retrieve the Fangs - Retrieve the Fangs and Return to Dalaran.

Hillsbrad Foothills Invasion
  • Push Back the Legion Assault - Legion Activities Disrupted

Wrath of Azshara
  • Eye of Azshara - Enter the Eye of Azshara and put an end to her arcane storm ritual.

Halls of Valor
  • Halls of Valor - Prove your worth and claim the Aegis of Aggramar.

Second Battle of the Broken Shore
  • Return to Battle - A group of vrykul heroes are fighting on the field of your defeat. Join them and regain your honor.
  • A Desperate Charge - The latest group of demons is attacking, aid the warband in crushing these foes.
  • Angel of Mercy - The Vrykul spirit Danica has arrived to bring the worthy to Valhallas.
  • Reinforcing the Warband - Demonic reinforcements approach with a large mo'arg. Defeat Bezzeredes and his allies.
  • Just A Pit Lord - Malgalor, Lord of Butchery has arrived to kill everyone. Stand with what remains of the warband. Kill Malgalor or die trying.

The Fleshripper's Harvest
  • Hunting the Hunters - Baron Sliver should have already arrived. Search for him.
  • Scout the Path - Follow Baron Sliver up the rise ahead.
  • Breaching the Defenses - A wall of flames blocks the path. Protect Baron Sliver while he disables the barrier.
  • The Search Continues - Follow Baron Sliver into Legion territory and search the camp.
  • End of the Inquisition - Hunt down Inquisitor Zalinor and obtain his keystone.
  • Back to the Prisoner - With the keystone in hand release your ally.
  • Sieging the Citadel - Travel to the citadel and assist Baron Sliver as he disables it's barrier.
  • Into the Depths - The way is open into the complex. Continue down into the structure and locate Margrave.
  • The Fleshripper - Gorelix has slain Margrave! Destroy the demon!
  • The Maw of the Damned - With Gorelix dead his axe is now yours. Take it.
  • The Call of Icecrown - The Lich King await's news of your success. Use Baron Sliver's Death Gate to travel to Icecrown.

Serenity's End
  • The Council of Masters - An Infernal Destroyer has attacked the gathering! Defeat it before there are any further casualties.
  • The Cry of the Crane - Rescue Master Crane
  • Journey to the East - With Master Crane's help, reach the west temple grounds
  • Tangle with a Tiger - Chen Stormstout was leading a children's class when the attack began. Rescue him and the children!
  • Precious Cargo - Accompany Chen and the children back to the Temple.
  • Mastering the Odds - The Demon known as Jorvinax has opened a gigantic portal! You must close it before the Legion can turn the Peak of Serenity into a foothold.
  • Portal Problems - With Jorvinax dead the portal is left unguarded. Find a way to destroy it!

Hunter of Heroes
  • Into the Mists - The village is shrouded in mists. Light the bonfire to clear it and provoke the Helarjar.
  • Village of the Damned - The kvaldir are enraged at the loss of the mists. Survive their assault untill the commanding helarjar arrives, then kill him.
  • Deeper Into the Fog - Vigfus and his souls are below, kill the mystics defending the path down and reach the docks.
  • The Stolen Souls - Vigfus has not appeared. Free his cargo of souls to draw him out.
  • Vigfus Himself - The Bladewind has made an appearance. Slay him!
  • On The Trail - The Bladewind is escaping into the shallows, find and kill him.
  • The Warswords - The Warswords of the Bladewind are yours. Take them.

Mulgore Invasion
  • Push Back the Legion Assault - Legion Activities Disrupted

Cleansing of the Deep
  • Demon Down - Follow Geth'xun's trail of fel blood.
  • Corruption in the Deep - Defeat the devouring imps.
  • Hot on the Trail - Follow Geth'xun's trail of fel blood.
  • Cleansing the Earth - Defeat the Corrupted Gyreworm.
  • The Demon Below - Follow the trail to find Geth'xun.
  • The Doomhmamer Calls - Acquire the Doomhammer!
  • Finishing the Job - Use the Doomhammer to destroy Geth'xun.
  • A Ring Eternal - Help Stormcaller Mylra.

Dalaran Invasion
  • Push Back the Legion Assault - Legion Activities Disrupted
  • Defeat the Legion Commander - Legion Commander Defeated

The Frost and the Flame
  • The Frozen Halls - Defeat the Iceborn Conjurer.
  • Meltdown - The servants of the Lich King have conjured walls of ice to block your path. Destroy them.
  • Hot On The Trail - Survive the assault of the burning dead.
  • Playing With Fire - Slay Lyandra Sunstrider.
  • The Flamestrike - Felo'melorn is yours. Take it.

Azshara Invasion
  • Push Back the Legion Assault - Legion Activities Disrupted

Dun Morogh Invasion
  • Push Back the Legion Assault - Legion Activities Disrupted

Blades of the Soulrender
  • Leading the Hunt - Engage the Burning Legion.
  • Their Blood Will Run - Destroy the Legion.
  • In Hot Pursuit - Pursue Caria Felsoul.
  • Defiance - Destroy Gorgonnash.
  • The Blades of the Soulrender - Slay Caria Felsoul and take the Blades of the Soulrender.

Into the Mouth of the Nether
  • Far From Home - Listen to Risstyn.
  • The Dread Warden - Enslave the jailer Beshtal to free yourself from his cage, then defeat him with Risstyn's aid.
  • The Shattered Council - Rescue Jubeka Shadowbreaker, Zinnin Smythe, and Shinfel Blightsworn.
  • Jailbreak - Escape from Jagganoth's prison.
  • The Pit Lord's Secrets - Follow Calydus to the archives to uncover information about the artifacts Jagganoth hunts.
  • To Fight Another Day - Escape from Jagganoth's lair.

Suramar Catacombs
  • Suramar Catacombs - Defeat the bosses of Suramar Catacombs

Legacy of the Windrunners
  • The Rescue - Survey the rise ahead and elminate Legion patrols.
  • Stop the Summoners - Defeat the eredar summoners before they bring in more demons.
  • Search for Your Allies - Go deeper into Legion territory and try to locate Alleria and Orestes.
  • Defeat the Hound Mistress - Slay Mistress Torvis and her fel hounds, then resume the hunt for Alleria
  • Silence the Herald - Defeat Herald Xarbizuld.
  • Enter the Cathedral - Enter the Cathedral of the Inquisition.
  • Free Vereesa Windrunner - Slay D'zorykx the Trapper to free Vereesa.
  • End the Inquisition - Defeat High Inquisitor Qormaladon.
  • A Bow of Legend - Wield Thas'dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners.

The Spear in the Shadow
  • Landing - Wuho should have located a good spot to start. Wait for his signal, then regroup at the landing site.
  • The Haunted Harbor - Kvaldir wards bar the way further into the swamp. Investigate Tideskorn Harbor to find a way through.
  • Distracting Them Wisely - The Mist Warders manage the wards. Use a Freezing Trap to easily steal their wardstones.
  • Easy Pickings - Steal the Wardstone now that the Warder is taken care of.
  • Just a Few More - More wardstones will be needed to breach the wall. Collect more wardstones from the kvaldir in the harbor.
  • The Wall of Fog - Apata and Wuho are out near the wards, find them and find a way to breach the wards.
  • Into the Mists - Harpoons and runes in hand, the fog barrier can be breached. Use a harpoon to cross the wards.
  • The Shallows of Death - Apata wants to get the lay of the land carefully, follow her around the swamp.
  • Deadly Shadows - Dakaar is sending illusionary stalkers at you, defend yourself!
  • The Hunter or the Hunted - Dakarr hides in deep mists, go into them and lay traps to catch him.
  • For the Fallen - The beast has fled to another lair of mist, trap it again and avenge Wuho.
  • The Lair of the Beast - Dakarr has fled to his true lair, but is too weak to hide behind fog. Finish him in his lair.
  • The Spear of the Highmountain - The foul beast is dead and the path to the Spear is open. Take up the Spear.

Combat Training
  • Init -
  • Basic Combat - Learn your fundamental damage dealing ability.
  • Basic Combat - Learn your fundamental damage dealing ability.
  • Mobility - Learn how to move around the battlefield.
  • Control - Learn how to control the battlefield.
  • Area Damage - Learn how to handle a group of enemies.
  • Advanced Combat - Learn your advanced combat spells
  • Final Challenge -
  • Getting into Battle - Time to leave

Mardum Treasure Scenario
  • Master of Storms
  • Proving Your Worth - Speak with the White Tiger.
  • Defeat the Giantslayer - Challenge and triumph over Sigurd the Giantslayer.
  • Heroes of the Storm - Earn a team victory with Rehgar.
  • Weapons of the Storm - Equip and master the Weapons of the Storm.
  • Demonic Interruption - Defeat Lord Kra'vos

Darkheart Thicket
  • Darkheart Thicket - Defeat the forces of Xavius at the base of Shaladrassil.

The Thundering Heavens
  • Into the Skies - Follow Li Li and protect her from the dangers of Skywall.
  • Running In The Clouds - Li Li has ran off ahead! Catch up with her.
  • A Shocking Development - Your foes are using the Stormtouched Orbs to empower themselves. Destroy the orbs and break through the Raging Winds.
  • Against The Storm - Typhinius has summoned his servants, survive the assault!
  • Dragon Wrangling - You've weakened the Storm Dragon. Leap upon the beast and use it to reach Typhinius.
  • The Tyrant of Skywall - Defeat Typhinius
  • Fists of the Heavens - The Fists of the Heavens are yours, take them.

The Dark Riders
  • The Downward Spiral - Make your way into into the Dark Riders' catacombs beneath Karazhan.
  • Grasp of the Damned - Find a way to cross Ariden's spirit barrier.
  • Removal Protocols - Defeat the guardian of the Dark Riders' vault.
  • Reap the Harvester - Find the Deadwind Harvester among the Dark Riders' artifacts.
  • The Rider's Prize - Follow Ariden into the depths of the Karazhan catacombs.
  • Ulthalesh Feasts - Defeat Ariden.
  • - Claim the Deadwind Harvester.
    Unknown Name
    • The Archmage - Meet with Archmage Khadgar inside Karazhan
    • Visions of the Past - Learn the secrets of Karazhan's past
    • Breaking In - Assist Khadgar by removing the protective barrier
    • We Are Not Alone - Stay with Khadgar.
    • Wisped Away - Read from the Guardian's Arcanum
    • Bookkeeping - Destroy the Agitated Tomes
    • Not the Intruders You're Looking For - Assist Khadgar by weakening the protectors
    • Defenders of Karazhan - Assist Khadgar by attuning the protectors
    • Words of the Wise - Listen to Khadgar's instructions

    Ursoc's Lair
    • Find Ursoc - Find Ursoc
    • Wave 1 - Fight Wave 1
    • Wave 2 - Fight Wave 2
    • Wave 3 - Fight Wave 3
    • Wave 4 - Fight Wave 4
    • Wave 5 - Defeat Wave 5
    • Wave 6 - Defeat Wave 6
    • Wave 7 - Defeat Wave 7
    • Wave 8 - Defeat Wave 8
    • Confront Xavius - Confront the Nightmare
    • Take the Claws of Ursoc - Take the Claws of Ursoc

    Blade in Twilight
    • The Twilight Camp - The Twilight's Hammer has set up a temporary camp up here. Investigate the camp for clues as to what is going on and where your ally is.
    • Raiding the Tomb Raiders - The cultists have entered a tomb complex at the bottom of the lake. The ritual must be happening in there.
    • The Desecrated Tomb - The cultists have breached the tomb of an ancient titan keeper! Slay the guards and open the way into the complex.
    • The Tomb of Tyr - Slaghammer wants to get further into the complex, but cultists bar the way in the next room. Enter the tomb room and deal with them.
    • Reconsecration - Cultists are dampening the holy wards of the tomb. Dispel their defenses and kill the ritualists to break the barrier.
    • Don't Fear the Reaper - The ritual has been thwarted but void energy remains! Defeat it!
    • Dark Passage - The way is open to the prison. Continue down the unsealed passage to whatever waits below.
    • Death to the Deacon - Farthing is trying to bring the killer of Tyr back to life! Stop him!
    • The Blade of the Black Empire - With Farthing dead the blade is now yours. Take it.
    • The True Death of Zakajz - The C'Thraxxi general could still be a threat in the future. The Blade must be used to drain all of its essence so Zakajz will be truly dead.

    The Maw of Souls
    • The Maw of Souls - Defeat the bosses of The Maw of Souls

    The Heart of the Dreadscar
    • The Council's Vengeance - Defeat Jagganoth in Dreadscar Rift.
    • Cut Out the Heart - Collect the Heart of the Overlord.
    • Becoming the Overlord - Place the Heart of the Overlord above the altar in the Seat of the Overlord to take command of his armies.

    Vault of the Wardens
    • Vault of the Wardens - Search the Vault of the Wardens for the Sargeri Keystone.

    Emperor's Promise
    • Heal Taran Zhu - Help Taran Zhu recover from his battle injuries.
    • Rescue the Shado-Pan - Open the cages to free the captured Shado-Pan and defeat Hellwarden Xaphan.
    • The Shado-Plan - Speak with each of the Shadow-Pan to coordinate your attack on the corrupted terrace.
    • Don't Drink the Water - Defeat Aspersius with the help of the Shado-Pan.
    • The Emperor's Final Gift - Acquire Sheilun, Staff of the Mists.

    The Dread Admiral
    • Maritime Diplomacy - Commandeer the Horizon's Edge.
    • Blood and Plunder - Find the Dread Admiral Eliza in the Temple of a Thousand Lights.
    • Eliza's Gambit - Defeat Lord Brinebeard.
    • Into the Depths - Pursue the Dread Admiral Eliza into the temple depths.
    • Claiming the Prize - Defeat the Dread Admiral Eliza and claim the Dreadblades

    Unknown Name
    • The Downward Spiral - Make your way into into the Dark Riders' catacombs beneath Karazhan.
    • Grasp of the Damned - Find a way to cross Ariden's spirit barrier.
    • Removal Protocols - Defeat the guardian of the Dark Riders' vault.
    • Elune's Prize - Find the Deadwind Harvester among the Dark Riders' artifacts.
    • The Rider's Prize - Follow Ariden into the depths of the Karazhan catacombs.
    • Reaping the Riders - Defeat Ariden and claim the Scythe of Elune

    Broken Shore - Horde
    • The Broken Shore (H) - Travel to the Broken Shore. (H)

    Broken Shore - Alliance
    • The Broken Shore (A) - Travel to the Broken Shore. (A)

    Black Rook Hold
    • Black Rook Hold - Ascend Black Rook Hold to track the risen Lord Ravencrest.

    Unknown Name
    • Island 01 - Slay all of the murlocs on Island 01.
    • Island 02 - Slay all of the murlocs on Island 02.
    • Mglrrp - Slay Mglrrp.
    • Fishing - Fish up the frenzied fish.

    Unknown Name
    • The Downward Spiral - Make your way into into the Dark Riders' catacombs beneath Karazhan.
    • Grasp of the Damned - Find a way to cross Ariden's spirit barrier.
    • Removal Protocols - Defeat the guardian of the Dark Riders' vault.
    • The World-Ender - Find Apocalypse among the Dark Riders' artifacts.
    • The Rider's Prize - Follow Ariden into the depths of the Karazhan catacombs.
    • The Fate of the Son - Follow and defeat Ariden.
    • Apocalypse - Claim Apocalypse.

    The Violet Hold
    • The Violet Hold - Defeat the bosses of The Violet Hold

    The Tirisforge
    • Engage the Enemy - Help Meryl Felstorm battle the dreadlord Kathra'natir.
    • The Forge Restrained - Find a way past Kathra'nathir's barrier and destroy the Siphoning Rifts that are draining the Forge of the Guardian of its power.
    • The Power of the Guardians - Activate the Forge of the Guardian.
    • The Dreadlord's Downfall - Use the power granted by the Forge of the Guardian to defeat Kathra'natir.
    • A Small Victory - Speak with Meryl Felstorm.
    • Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe - Help Meryl Felstorm and Alodi to transport the Forge of the Guardian to a safe location.

    The Sword of Kings
    • Culling the Cultists - Twilight cultists are camped near the entrance. Investigate what they are doing here.
    • The Ghost King - The ghost of Thoradin is being tortured by the cultists. Slay the ritualists and free him.
    • Thoradin's Folly - The ghost has much information. Follow Thoradin and listen to his tale.
    • The Tomb of Tyr - The broken seal beckons from the lake bottom. Enter the Tomb of Tyr.
    • Cleansing the Desecration - The prison entrance is blocked with corruption. Cleanse the tomb of the corrupting void tendrils.
    • The Root of the Corruption - The corrupter has finally appeared. Slay Soth'ozz and complete the cleansing of the tomb.
    • The Dark Passage - The way below is uncovered, make your way to the prison of Zakajz.
    • A Quick Execution - Zakajz is struggling to defend itself. Draw out the sword and perform the final blow!
    • To Kill a C'Thraxxi - Zakajz is awake but neither fully healed or fully in control of its mind. Fight it back into unconsciousness!
    • The Warbreaker - Zakajz has been defeated again, but it is not permanent. Take up Stromkar and deal the final true blow.

    Melee at the Maelstrom
  • A Ring Unbroken - Speak with Nobundo.
  • We Glorious Few - Help the scattered shaman.
  • Melee at the Maelstrom - Defeat the Infernals.
  • Master of Storms - Use Torra's spear to bring down the felbat Falthus.
  • - Activate the Maelstrom Pillar to defeat Geth'xun.

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