PTR 9.2 : Nouvelles modifications pour les classes, Tourment...

Et plusieurs nouveautés à Zereth Mortis !
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Un nouveau build vient d'être déployé sur le PTR 9.2 de Shadowlands. Celui-ci apporte de nouvelles modifications pour les Chevaliers de la mort, les Mages, les Moines, les Paladins, les Chamans, les Guerriers, le PvP, Tourment ou encore Zereth Mortis. Retrouvez l'ensemble des détails dans le patch notes ci-dessous.


  • Death Knight
    • Final Sentence (Kyrian Runecarving Power) now grants 4% damage per stack (was 3%), duration reduced to 15 seconds (was 18 seconds), and now grants the Rune and Damage buff on the initial cast of Shackle the Unworthy (and again each time it spreads).
    • Rampant Transference (Night Fae Runecarving Power) Strength per stack of Death’s Due increased by 3% (was 2%).
  • Mage
    • Harmonic Echo (Kyrian Runecarving Power) now also echoes the damage to the primary target affected by Radiant Spark’s Vulnerability.
    • Frost
      • Comet Storm (Talent) no longer removes Winter’s Chill.
    • Class Sets
      • Arcane
        • 4-piece: Reworked – Touch of the Magi’s duration is increased by 4 seconds and 25% mana regeneration for 12 seconds.
      • Frost
        • 2-piece: Removed the requirement to be in Icy Veins to trigger Comet Storm.
  • Monk
    • Class Sets
      • Brewmaster
        • 4-piece: Reworked – Keg Smash deals an additional 50% damage, heals you for 66% of damage dealt, and grants 66% of damage dealt as maximum health for 10 seconds.
          • Developers’ note: We pivoted Brewmaster to a new bonus that has more impact. This new 4pc bonus offers easy-to-access power, but savvy players who maximize the damage dealt by their Keg Smash will be able gain additional benefits from the healing and maximum health bonuses.
      • Mistweaver
        • 2-piece: Essence Font Healing increased by 5% in addition to the duration extension.
          • Developers’ note: Due to overlapping, this wasn’t increasing heal throughput as much as we’d like. Adding some additional love for Essence Font so the bonus is X.
        • 4-piece: Drinking Thunder Focus Tea with the bonus active no longer interrupts Soothing Mists.
  • Paladin
    • Class Sets
      • Protection
        • 4-piece: Fixed an issue which prevented Glorious Purpose from casting Judgment.
  • Shaman
    • Class Sets
      • Enhancement
        • 4-piece: Fixed an issue that prevented the duration extension to Storm Elemental or Fire Elemental from triggering.
      • Restoration
        • 2-piece: Reworked – Your critical healing increases the critical chance of your next Chain Heal by 2%, stacking up to 50 times.
          • Developers’ note: This includes periodic healing and proc’ed healing, so it should stack up pretty quickly from Healing Rain and Riptide ticks as well as any other healing you’re doing. This is intended to push you to really want to cast Chain Heal every now and then, but otherwise not feel like you need to spam Chain Heal to get value out of it. More of an ebb and flow feeling than the previous 2-piece.
        • 4-piece: Reworked – Your Chain Heal critical hits reduce the remaining cooldown of one of your totems by 2 seconds. Your Healing Stream Totem, Healing Tide Totem, Mana Tide Totem, and Spirit Link Totem now also cast Chain Heal when you drop them.
          • Developers’ note: Any totem that’s on cooldown is currently a valid choice for the cooldown reduction effect. The Chain Heal is currently cast by you, not by the totem, but the intent is for the visual to end up shooting from the totem.
  • Warrior
    • Class Sets
      • Arms
        • 2-piece: Reworked – Colossus Smash lasts 3 seconds longer and increases your damage dealt to affected enemies by an additional 10%.
        • 4-piece: Reworked – Tactician has a 50% increased chance to trigger against enemies with Colossus Smash and causes your next Overpower to grant 4% Strength, up to 20% for 15 seconds.


  • New Raid: Sepulcher of the First Ones
    • The following Heroic encounters will be available for testing on December 9:
      • Artificer Xy’mox
      • Lihuvim, Principal Architect


  • Two new Arenas: Maldraxxus Coliseum and Enigma Arena


  • New Campaign Chapters
    • Chapters 4 and 5 are available in the December 7 PTR update.


  • New Game Mode: The Jailer’s Gauntlet
    • Floor starting points are now closer to the encounter area.
    • There will now be a number of portals in the encounter area representing the number of waves remaining. These will be removed one by one as waves spawn in.
    • There is now a larger variety of enemies.


  • Cypher of the First Ones
    • This feature is now available for testing.
  • Protoform Synthesis
    • A new crafting system that allows you to gather reagents and create Zereth Mortis-themed mounts and battle pets.
  • New side quests are available in the December 7 PTR update.
  • More treasures to discover have been added.
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