PTR 10.2.5 : Bel'ameth, Archives d'Azeroth, Vol à dos de Dragon, Classes, PvP et Interface

Arkentass | 08/12/2023 à 22h55 - 2

Un nouveau build vient d'être déployé sur le PTR 10.2.5 de Dragonflight. Celui-ci apporte plusieurs nouveautés du côté de Bel'ameth, débute les tests des Archives d'Azeroth, apporte un ajustement pour le Vol à dos de Dragon, des modifications d'équilibrage pour les différentes classes et quelques améliorations côté interface. Retrouvez les détails ci-dessous.

Patch notes PTR 10.2.5


  • Many Night Elves are now starting to arrive in Bel’ameth and Belanaar harbor to settle in their new homes. In addition to these new hubs, explore other areas across the island to find new night elf cosmetic treasures.


  • Azerothian Archives should now be available for testing, including the public scenario “The Big Dig: Traitor’s Rest”.


  • Dragonriding mount speed outside of the Dragon Isles increased to 85% of their maximum speeds (was 80%).


  • MAGE
    • Shifting Power is now Arcane damage (was Nature).
  • MONK
    • Mistweaver
      • Ancient Teachings now additionally increases Stamina by 5% while active.
      • Teachings of the Monastery now highlights Blackout Kick on the action bar when it reaches max stacks.
      • Thunder Focus Tea now has additional functionality with Expel Harm, causing it to transfer 25% more healing to damage and create a Chi Cocoon on yourself.
      • Tea of Plenty now has the possibility to grant Expel Harm and Enveloping Mist instead of Essence Font and Renewing Mist.
      • Secret Infusion now has additional functionality with Expel Harm, granting Versatility.
      • Faeline Stomp has been renamed to Jadefire Stomp.
      • Awakened Faeline has been renamed to Awakened Jadefire.
    • Windwalker
      • Faeline Stomp has been renamed to Jadefire Stomp.
      • Faeline Harmony has been renamed to Jadefire Harmony.
      • Way of the Fae has been renamed to Path of Jade.
      • Fae Exposure has been renamed to Jadefire Brand.
    • Echoing Reprimand changes to Physical damage (was Arcane) and damage increased by 43% to account for armor.
    • Spear of Bastion has been renamed to Champion’s Spear.
    • Elysian Might has been renamed to Champion’s Might.
    • Piercing Verdict has been renamed to Piercing Challenge.


    • Enhancement
      • Developers’ note: We’re removing a previous PvP reduction to the base damage of Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning and focusing the reduction on spells triggered during Ascendance to target burst damage.
      • Lightning Bolts and Chain Lightnings triggered by Thorim’s Invocation now deal 30% reduced damage in PvP combat.
      • Thorim’s Invocation now increases the damage of Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning by 20% in PvP combat (was 10%).
    • Fury
      • Slaughterhouse (PvP Talent) now triggers off of Odyn’s Fury and Onslaught damage, in addition to Rampage damage.


  • The Trading Post catalogue now displays a list of all items included in a bundle.
    • Each item is a clickable button that will preview it on your character
    • Multiple items can be selected and previewed together if they occupy different slots.
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