Patchs > Patch beta du 10 novembre 2006

Note sur la mise à jour du 10 novembre 2006 (2.0.2 6108)


  • The level cap has been raised to 70.
  • Blade's Edge Mountains are now open as a pass through only. (This zone is not finished for testing.)
  • Netherstorm is now open.
  • Heroic mode has been retuned for Hellfire Citadel:Ramparts only at this point in time. Other Heroic modes are closed for retuning.
  • Ranked Arena battles will now be available .
  • Paladin and Shaman trainers can now be found in the Horde and Alliance cities in Azeroth.
  • Tempest Keep- 2 wings are now open: Botanica and Mechanaar.


  • The costs of some Battleground rewards have been reduced.


  • Pet speed has been normalized.


  • The quest "Go to the Front" now grants the correct amount of reputation with Honor Hold."
  • "Rocket Boots Xtreme" and "Sprint" no longer share the same cooldown.
  • Close proximity to Yula the Fair will no longer cause interface issues.
  • Hunter pets will now be able to learn Rank 6 "Charge" from "Beast Training".
  • The Warrior Arms talent, "Second Wind" will now correctly proc from the Rogue ability "Sap".
  • The Survival talent, "Readiness" will now correctly finish all cooldowns on Hunter abilities.
  • The Warlock Pet Spells: "Tainted Blood" Rank 4 and Rank 5 will now properly overwrite the first three ranks of the spell.
  • Casting "Ice Lance" will no longer consume the Mage's talent, "Presence of Mind" buff.
  • Players should now be able to use a meeting stone to summon members of their raid no matter what party they are in.
  • The Mage ability, "Molten Armor" will no longer be reflected back to the caster with the Warrior ability, "Spell Reflection".
  • The Hunter Pet ability: "Warp" can now be learned.
  • Players can now loot link (shift + left click) socketed gems from the socketing UI.
  • The Shaman talent, "Mental Quickness" will now properly reduce the casting cost of "Bloodlust" and "Heroism".
  • The priest Holy talent, "Healing Prayers" will now properly affect "Prayer of Mending".
  • Rogues are now able to use "Deadly Poison VI" in the PvP Arena.
  • The Shaman talent, "Shamanistic Rage" can no longer be used in "Ghost Wolf" form.
  • The Shaman talent, "Elemental Mastery" can no longer be used in "Ghost Wolf" form.
  • Various pet fixes have been implemented.
  • "Molten Armor" will now deal damage to an attacker even if the mage is protected by a damage absorbtion shield.
  • Priest "Surge of Light" will no longer be consumed by "Smites" that are already casting.
  • Druid "Insect Swarm" Rank 6 will now benefit from the clearcasting effect from "Omen of Clarity".
  • "Pyroclasm" is now functioning with all ranks of "Soul Fire" and "Hellfire" rank 4.
  • Various fixes were made to the statistical display on the character sheet.
  • Hunters will no longer die while using "Feign Death" but will stand up once the timer runs out.
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